5 Hot Drinks for Valentine's Day

Spice up the night with these concoctions


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5 Hot Drinks for Valentine's Day We’ve all been reading up on what to share with our sweethearts this Valentine’s Day. Something that warms the soul and tickles the fancy sounds good, right?

Not so much? How about something that smells of exotic spice markets, in resplendent, shimmering shades of ruby? Huh, huh? Getting pretty good isn’t it? Add in some sweet, succulent, juicy fruit that is round and smooth as silk and we’re really getting somewhere. Now supercharge all that with some wine and WHAM! You’ve got love potion number 9, or maybe 8, or 7….

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    Who wouldn't want a drink stuffed full of all your sexy spices and fruits? Mulled wine definitely sounds (and smells) great right about now!

    Feb 13, 2012 at 12:24 PM

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