"Beer Goggle" Effect Works on Self, Study Finds

Subjects more likely to consider themselves attractive if they just think they have consumed alcohol


April 4, 2012 — If you’re feeling down about your appearance, have some wine. It will make you feel better about the way you look.

In a recent study, French scientists found that having a drink or thinking you have had a drink will improve your perception of self in terms of attractiveness, according to Yahoo! News Canada. Scientists found that subjects who drank the most scored themselves higher on a one to seven scale of attractiveness. The researchers also investigated how subjects would respond to a similar test when given a placebo.

94 men recorded fake advertisements in which they were to taste-test a new fruity cocktail, according to the article. Half received alcohol-free cocktails while the rest were given alcohol. All were asked to rate their on-tape performances.

When watching their respective replays, subjects who believed they had consumed alcohol tended to give themselves better reviews for attractiveness and humor, even if there wasn’t a drop of alcohol in their drinks. Conversely, those who thought they had no alcohol in their drinks gave less favorable critiques, according to the study.

From Yahoo! News Canada:

“The downside, of course, is that the sexy charmer that you confidently feel is not what others may see. In Begue's experiment, a panel of independent judges later watched the filmed presentations. Many gave a low attractiveness rating to the men who, at the time, had believed themselves to be silver-tongued devils.’”

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