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The end of another year is upon us. I’m guessing many New Year’s eve plans are in the process of being made, and remade, and remade yet again. I learned long ago that the best plans for New Year’s eve was to have no plan. Keep your expectations low and you’re bound to exceed them!

Freixenet seems to have discovered my secret. Their tagline this year is “Unplan the Moment”. Sounds like a plan, er, I mean unplan to me. It’s a great time to unplan the New Year. I think everyone has taken a step back during this difficult year and realized what’s important in life, and what’s important is making the most of life.

That doesn’t mean cutting corners though, it means finding values and seizing the moment. Freixenet has been producing some of the greatest values in méthode champenoise wines for almost 150 years. Since 1861 Freixenet has been giving us all a reason to celebrate, and now they’ve even gone one step further. Visit and feast on their party planning guides, cocktail recipes, fun entertaining tips and tons of information about making your unplanned New Years one of the greatest ever.

Elyssia: Spain's Finest Sparklers?

With Elyssia, Freixenet has pushed the envelope, producing wines that take cava to new levels of refinement and complexity. By combining the grapes traditional used for Cava (Macabeo and Parellada) with those used for Champagne (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir), Elyssia has created an incredibly compelling Cava, the Gran Cuvee Brut,  with a texture and complexity that is matched by only the finest sparkling wines. The Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut on the other hand is like no other wine I’ve tried. It’s blend of Pinot Noir and 15% Trepat produced as a rose, and it’s bursting with lightly toasty yet wonderfully pure berry fruit. There’s a bit of sweetness on the finish but this is one festive Rose, and that’s my favorite kind!

Freixenet: Creating Traditions, Old and New

Cordon Negro
Who hasn’t picked up one of Freixenet’s black Bottles? The Classic Cordon Negro Brut, and slightly sweeter Cordon Negro Extra Dry, have been pleasing discerning palates for decades. Produced using the méthode champenoise, these are the traditional wines that have made Cordon Negro a trusted value year in and year out, full of orchard and citrus fruits in a soft, accessible style. It’s a perfect way to greet the arrival of a New Year’s promise.

Unplan your moment
Freixenet is perfect as an anytime sparkler but some events are too special to leave entirely to chance. That’s why has prepared an amazing series of guides. From Party Planning to Cava and Food pairings, there’s a guide to help you navigate through every event, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. So check out the site, for some scintillating suggestions, and unplan the moment with friends, family and Freixenet.

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