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We know you've been beaten about the face and neck with advice, recommendations and tips to make your holiday “foolproof” and the “best ever.”

Well if you’re a fool, or your life has sucked up until today, all those tips might do you some good. If you really only need a few suggestions or tweaks to improve what is already a great holiday plan, then check out our simple suggestions for changing your holidays up a bit.

Variety is the spice of life, adding something new to your routine, even if it is already great, can change the course of an evening. We’ll be adding tips here, one at a time, until we’ve fleshed out everybody’s plans and are on the verge of “killing it.” Or, until we just run out of tips! Or out holidays, whichever comes first.

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Jazz Up Your Cocktails

Want to jazz up your drinks? Consider freezing fruit juices in your ice trays instead of water and add the fruity cubes to cocktails. Or, dress up your drinks with frozen fruits. Slices of pear, orange sections or whole cranberries add flavor and color to any holiday cocktail.

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Don't Run Out of Ice!


Always buy twice as much fresh ice as you're going to need for any party. That ice that's been in your ice drawer for a year is pretty dangerous stuff and provides a sure way to ruin a beautifully made cocktail in the blink of an eye. Even fresh ice made at home often has a tinge of something off if it's been made with tap water, which often has noticeable concentrations of chlorine.


Introduce Your Guests

As host, you're responsible for making sure your guests have a great time. Take the time to introduce everyone. To avoid this becoming a bit cumbersome with big parties, think of a naming game. Try handing out colored tags for everyone to wear during your party. People wearing the same color automatically share something in common, giving them an easy icebreaker. You even have some control over who gets which color. Now you can keep Larry the letch away from your little sister, or slyly introduce those two friends who are perfect for each other.

Keep the Music Playing

With today’s music technology, there is no excuse for not having a playlist set to run all night long. Don't get carried away with your personal favorites. Instead, consider the vibe when you plan your music. While your party might get pumping once things are really started, you're probably going to start melee and will want to end on a sweet note. Try to plan accordingly and don’t be afraid to mix things up. Even the most rocking holiday party can handle a classic bit of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin once in awhile, and besides, that's classy stuff!

Water Water, Everywhere Water

We're sure you've planned your party to perfection when it comes to the drinks, but one drink you might have overlooked is water. You need to keep yourself, and your friends, hydrated, so keep plenty of clean and fresh, chilled water on hand. The easiest way to do so is by stocking up on some big containers at the store. Then, either leave them outside or in a tub on ice. Have plenty of smaller water bottles strategically placed around the house and keep refilling them as the night goes on.

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