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Five friends, a couple of cars and an evening in Slovenia


Here, at Slovenian Collio, you can find Movia, a producer who knows what he wants, with organic cultivation, well-matured grapes harvest, and minimal cellar time to not ruin what nature already provides. Don’t try to find selected yeasts in this winery, those that are already on the grapes, with boxer character and dancer elegance.

For the second fermentation of his Champenoise method, he only adds to the base wine must. Sugar and yeast are already in the must, is all what he need. Three years in oak barrels for aging the base wine, then four years on the lees. Not disgorged bottles are sold upside down, it’s up to you do it when you want drink it.

Disgorgement is not essential and the impact of yeast is much more delicate, disgorgement primarily serves to render the wine perfectly clear. 

Puro rosè. 100% Pinot Noir. The color is a great onion skin, well disgorged is perfectly clear and bright. The nose is delicate wild strawberries, withered flowers and mineral notes, then slowly opens (in the glass remains half an hour) releasing a string of herbs, sage, mint leaves, thyme and rosemary. In the mouth is fresh, beautiful straight back to the strawberries and herbs on the finish. (85) 

After being greeted with rosè we are gone to the cellar where he keeps the wide format and here uncorks a Veliko Rdece (red) magnum of the 2003, a blend of Merlot with 70%, 20% Pinot Noir and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Beautiful ruby red, thick and impenetrable, we had under nose for a while and surprises never end: macerated red fruits, cherries and black currants, cinnamon and cloves in the background, then slowly coffee, cocoa dust and resin. In the mouth, the tannins are smooth but very present, fresh with a mineral tasty flavor that envelops the whole mouth, returning the fruits macerated and some balsamic note. In closing turns bitter begging another sip. (86/87) 

Back at the dining table we are ready for tasting, glasses in a row and a variety of good snacks to pair his wines. We start from the Tocai 2010. Golden yellow, bright, consistent. I have tasted a lot of tocai and no one like this on nose. Sweet notes of pineapple, peach, banana, mineral, then slowly go out butter and notes of peppermint. Yet another confirmation that his wines must be left in the glass quite a bit to enjoy it all. In the mouth, is more tasty than fresh, the sip lose some grip due to low freshness. A  shame for the sip, nose deserve clappings . (84) 

Pinot Grigio 2008 The color is bright, golden yellow, nice body. The nose ripe fruit, pear, apple and banana, then yellow flowers and brackish mineral notes. In the mouth is tasty, a little flaw in freshness but the sip is full. Closes on notes of apple and chamomile. (82) 

Veliko Belo 2007  Ribolla Gialla 70%, 20% Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon 10%, four years and half in barrels. Bright straw yellow in the glass. The notes of the Sauvignon dominate the nose: white peach, pineapple, tomato leaf and green pepper, mineral, lilac and vanilla. In the mouth is soft, quite fresh even if it's the tasty notes that dominates the sip. (86) 

Veliko Belo 2003 Same blend The color has become more deep but is always bright, the nose has peach, mango, tomato leaf, then butter and sage accompanied by iodates notes. Very soft in the mouth, the tasty notes dominate the freshness, return herbs and tomato leaf closing. (85) 

Veliko Belo 2002 Same blend The color, always bright, gold, consistent. The nose attacks with peach and honey, hay and mineral notes, then chamomile, wild thyme, eucalyptus and peppermint. On the palate the tasty notes are effective, but this time it is widely supported by a not common freshness. Soft. Closes with a fruity, chamomile and herbs. Slightly bitter. (90) 

Veliko Belo 1997 Gold loading, bright and consistent. Peach at first but soon gives way to thyme, marjoram, sage, sea wet stone, vanilla. The vintage is one of the best around here and in the mouth, after fourteen years, has not yielded an inch, soft, round, warm, nice sip (full-body) fresh and tasty. A bouquet of aromatic herbs and salty notes close the sip, mineral. (92) 

Lunar 2008 100% Chardonnay Deep yellow, golden, bright, consistent. Notes of peaches, green apple and lemon zest, herbs, rosemary. The mouth has a great body, freshness and tasty notes work together, than closing notes of iodine and sulfur. Only for this wine after a late harvest the grapes are de-stemmed by hand and placed in new oak barrels with custom caps. Fermentation begins in the berries themselves, which gradually release the wine. After eight months of maturing, at full moon, the wine is gravity racked into bottles, no added sulphur, no filtration, no pressing. (86) 

Pinot Noir 2005 A beautiful color, ruby red, unusual darkness. Blackberries and cherries on the nose, mineral notes, violet, black pepper, cloves and juniper berries, much finesse. In the mouth the tannins is incisive, nice sip and great drinkability. Blacks fruits and spices in the mouth closes slightly bitter with spicy notes of cloves.

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