Intense on the nose, a bit earthy but full of spicy orchard fruits and baked citrus notes with a touch of cranberry. Enters the mouth on the sweet side, but at the same time with fabulous acids so there's that classic sweet/tart thing going on that I love in Riesling. The flavors are a bit spicy and run the gamut from apricot to golden raspberry, with hints of green apple and orange in between. Decidedly fruity, this has a rather classic Spatlese feel to it and a lovely finish, bright, juicy and faintly chalky. Not a sophisticated wine that I would cellar for long, but it is a heck of a Riesling fruit bomb. 90pts

This is rather pretty, showing off plenty of white floral notes along with dried lemon rind and pretty, slightly exotic fruit aromas that recall mangosteens and almost hint at lychees. Just a touch diffuse in the mouth, but does show classic sweet/tart fruit. The flavors are bright with notes of baked green apple lurking under beautiful lime flavors that are thoroughly supported by acidity on the mid-palate and are accented by lovely lemon verbena inner mouth perfumes. This quickly grows on me, showing more bright lime and pineapple on the long finish which sees the sugar fall to playing a supporting role. It's long and very pure; given a bit of time I expect this to tighten up a bit. 89pts

This shows some evolution on the nose with faint butcher's wax top notes over chamomile, anise flower, and dried citrus fruits with a gummy bear edge.  Smooth and supple in the mouth, there’s a lovely spice of supportive acid here holding up dried heirloom apple fruits along with a faint edge of evolution adding anise flower spice notes and a touch of nuttiness to the palate. There's a lovely richness here, not from sugar but from ripeness that lends this some attractive power. The finish is a bit of let down, lean and ungenerous and possibly a sign that one should drink this sooner rather than later, but today this is showing quite well and deserves a nice sole meunière. Air helps the finish here, adding a really lovely and persistent baked apple note.  89pts

Shy on the nose, with lightly stony notes over peach pit and wildflower aromas that have a slight green herb edge.  This starts out a bit tight, acid-driven and lean on entry, though it gains weight and power in the mouth. The texture really is quite fine, showing richness without sweetness on the mid-palate while delivering some lovely walnut-inflected orange pith and lime fruit that shows a touch of salty quartz minerality. The finish is all minerals and acid, very refreshing and moderately long. A fairly sophisticated Riesling that should have broad appeal. 89pts

Light apricot, raw nut meat, dried flower and peach aromas are balanced and fairly intense. This shows a really fine balance of intensity and complexity in the mouth while remaining fairly dry and medium to light weight. The flavors build on the palate, starting off with subtle lime and blood orange flavors that gain hints of minerality and dried apple peel on the mid-palate before showing more apricot notes while retaining a nice blood orange overlay on the fairly long finish. Not intense, but nicely detailed. 89pts

Quite tight on the nose, first with aromas of pure, fresh lemons slowly being joined by floral basenotes, a little minty/medicinal anise seed spice and faint apple peels. Fairly powerful, but within expectations for a Spatlese. This is a lovely wine, unremarkable perhaps but with fine balance, strong apple, and lemon rind flavors that show complicating hints of quince and honey all wrapped up in a smooth texture that extends along the moderately long, candied apple finish, with neither sugar nor acid ever getting the upper hand. It's not going to wow anyone, but at the same time it's not going to get too many people upset either. 88pts

Sulfured up the wazoo. This smells like a tractor barn. This needs plenty of air to clean up and even after an hour of air the sulfur remains an element, though it is joined by floral and citrus pith aromas. This needs plenty of time to clean up and become drinkable. Once it does, it shows a nice bright, fresh character with plenty of peachy fruit framed with citrus and sweet apple tones. It's sweet for a Kabinett, but not too powerful, and the acidity keeps this vibrant in the mouth.The finish is cleansing and shows admirable purity of green apple and baked citrus fruits that linger, along with a hint of honeyed sweetness. Tough to score this today, catch it without enough air and it's a mess, but given time to breath it cleans up nicely and shows some juicy richness. 88pts