Mineral and floral on the nose, with a faint wash of blue flowers that yields to an almost gooseberry like fruit over slightly musky base notes. This is a ripe yet tense wine that hits the palate with a smack of minerality that defines the wine. There are nice framing notes of clear apple skin and citrus pith fruit, but the rocks take center stage right through the moderately long, slightly salty finish. Not a hedonist's wine but one that wants to make you cry uncle, so if that's what floats your boat, you're gonna love this. 88pts
Well this is a different bird. Smells of petrol and honey with some earthy dried fruit aromas and a strong floral/gardenia top note. A little sweet on entry, but the acid quickly snaps this back to dryness. There's a rich, almost stemmy quality to the fruit here, with more of a treacle than honey flavor on the palate accenting the lime zest and slight white cherry-toned fruit. The finish is savory and fairly long, with a touch of appealing pepperiness. This is pretty dry for "semi-dry," and the acid/sweetness balance is just about where I like it. The relatively unusual flavor profile will keep this from enjoying a wider audience, but I do like the savory complexity here. 88pts

Very aromatic, with a lovely array of fresh citrus fruit, earthy apples, and floral and spice aromas over a fine base of dusty minerals. This is a touch spicy in the mouth with a white peppery accent to the herb-inflected ripe apple and lime pith fruit. There's also a mineral edge here that adds nice cut to the mid-palate, which gains weight in the mouth turning fairly powerful and rich, if remaining dry. The back end shows a slight licorice note that tops the modest green apple and peach-toned finish. Firm, well balanced and complex, this lacks a little verve in the mouth and shows a touch of heaviness. 87pts

A bit earthy on the nose, with dried apple driven aromas topped with polleny floral notes, a touch of green herb and a dusting of white pepper. Easy going and well balanced, if on the lighter side for Spatlese. There's a nice core of sweet apple and pear fruit here topped with lime notes and a touch of mineral austerity along with the aromatic herb element from the nose, all driving the medium length and attractively complex finish. This has an almost astringent edge of austerity to it which I find attractive. It's a bit simple, but nicely structured. 87pts 

Very ripe on the nose with an almost vanilla and cashew edge to the pineapple, peach and jasmine aromas. Air does bring a nice touch of mineral out as well. This has a lovely texture, showing a bit of richness while remaining light on its feet, but it's broad and low in the mouth nonetheless. There's a ripeness here with flavors hinting at orange and peach on the palate that carry over to the modest finish. Easy going and easy to drink. 87pts

Deep and ripe on the nose with lovely, lifted wildflower perfumes over hints of currant and apple fruit. Fairly sweet and powerful for a Kabinett, this shows off slight flashes of red fruit along with apricot flavors, all topped with lime and quartzy mineral flavors. Some orange notes show up on the back end and are joined by pithy citrus notes on the fairly long and fairly sweet finish, which shows a touch of that red berry fruit again. For lovers of sweeter wines. 87pts

There's a nice dusty mineral note here along with a pleasing combination of tart citrus fruits, baked apples and a hint of blueberries. This shows some richness on the palate, with sweet flavors of apricot and key lime pie all supported by solid acidity. There is a lot of sugar here, though, so this is quite a sweet wine, with attractive green fruit flavors and a fine edge of almost creamy sweet apple flavors that show a nice hint of spice and a pithy grapefruit top note. Lacking a bit of nuance, but still quite attractive. 87pts

A bit sulfury on opening, this shows a touch of papaya on the nose with slightly soapy floral aromas and hint of pine nuts and lemon. Quite dry for a Feinherb with no real sweetness and just the faintest suggest of added body from the sugar. It's a nice wine, not particularly fruity, with light lime and lemon flavors over fine dried herb and mineral notes that gain a little peachy aromatic tone on the back end and through the long, finely focused and slightly salty, mineral-driven finish. I rather like this; it’s refreshing, more aromatic in the mouth than flavorful, and shows excellent restraint. 87pts
Quite perfumed with oily, waxy base notes under pithy citrus fruits, with hints of green apple and talc. Sweet and rich on entry, though with plenty of acidity lending this vibrancy in the mouth. There's a nice core of honeyed, slightly nutty citrus fruit here topped with a hint of something almost minty and cut with quartzy minerality on the back end. The finish is a touch short but shows lovely acids, mouth cleansing yet remaining well integrated. Not too complex and perhaps a touch sweet, this is still very nicely put together. 87pts

Fairly pronounced aromas on the nose recall apple fruit with pear peels topped with a light note of frosted ginger cookies. In the mouth, this shows a bit of weight and power, though it does remain nicely transparent, with mineral-inflected heirloom apple and dried pineapple fruit topped with some fruit stripes gum tones. There's enough sweetness to cover the acid here, and a faint bitter note to help add complexity and balance on the moderately long tea-toned finish. Round, easy going and not overly fruity.  87pts