Ripe, slightly candied lemon tones greet the nose followed by apple peel and wet slate aromas. 
Round and slightly voluptuously textured, even though this is not terribly sweet and it seems to have plenty of freshening acidity. The flavors lean toward the green apple and apricot side of things, with a little mineral pop on the back end and a slight hint of austerity on the modest finish. 85pts

Very white-fruited on the nose with a hint of pumpkin accenting the unripe honeydew melon, crab apple and Asian pear aromas. This is a touch heavy for a Kabinett, delivering honey-tinged flavors of apricots and peaches in a moderately rich style. There's a little pear fruit on the back end, followed by some candied sweetness and a nice slow to emerge hint of spice that adds some detail to the honeycomb and apple flavored finish. The sugar adds some length here, but there is sufficient balancing acidity. A ripe Kabinett, both in flavor and sweetness. 85pts

Soft and lightly floral on the nose with low hints of passion fruit, peach and pineapple. A little round in the mouth, though this shows good balance between the obvious sweetness and the obvious acidity, making for a rich yet balanced medium bodied wine. The flavors show hints of melon, apricot and orange marmalade with a touch of tea leaf on the back end and citrus pith through the finish. Nicely done and moderately complex. 85pts
Almost stony on the nose, with a nice, deep white floral note and hints of jasmine and light wild strawberry fruit. Round, soft and lightly honeyed on entry with tropical mango and papaya flavors along with dried apricot notes that are sweet and a little sticky. This has good acidity but plenty of sugar to make it sweet; while not cloying, it is almost a dessert-level sweetness for me. Would certainly be a great wine for spicy foods. 84pts

Quite perfumed with notes of quince, fig and honeysuckle. Rather straightforward in the mouth with good acidity and modest sweetness supporting mineral-based apple fruit that takes on a hint of spice on the modest finish. 84pts

Dried apple peels, lime pith and light dried herbal notes come together on a rather intense if slightly sharp nose. This is dry and acid-driven on the palate, with lots of pithy citrus and dried pear skin flavors along with a hint of cantaloupe on the mid-palate, which shows the faintest hint of roundness. The finish is dry, tart and relatively short with steely acidity. 84pts

Not very aromatic, with waxy crayon and floral aromas that hint at light green herbs with faint dusty base notes. A bit odd in the mouth with sufficient acids to keeps this light and poised, but enough sugar and sugary flavors to make this seem quite ripe. The mid-palate has a touch of quince paste to it along with honey and lime flavors. The citrus element gains the upper hand on the back end and is reinforced on the modest finish by the bright acidity here. 84pts

Sweet lime, lemon and even pineapple aromas greet the nose along with a gentle sweet, polleny, fennel top note. This is a touch soft in the mouth, supple and broad with not a lot of height. The flavors show hints of peach accenting the lime pith and apple notes, but there is something vaguely ripe underlying it all. There's some nice freshness on the back end, along with a touch of sugar that helps to counterbalance the raw acidity. This is just a bit off balance. 84pts

A little heavy and dull on the nose with obvoius CO2. There's a gentle sweetness to the nose, and a waxiness with soft floral, red cherry and apricot aromas.  A little soft and broad in the mouth, this lacks some energy that I expect from Riesling. The flavors are a nice blend of apricot, orange marmalade and stony mineral notes with a hint of white pepper and a definite, welcome salty tang that pops on the back end along with some tutti frutti notes which linger on the modest finish, turning into a banana flavor. 83pts

Fruity apple and lemon aromas greet the nose along with hints of sweet flowers and honeycomb.
This is fairly low acid, particularly for a Riesling, so think soft and broad in the mouth with slightly creamy caramel-tinged apple fruit and some candied cherry notes on the mid-palate followed by ripe, sweet pear fruit. The finish is modest and a touch coarse with a hint of bitterness. Simple, fruity and somewhat atypical for Riesling. 82pts

Spicy and a little rubbery on the nose, with lots of pithy citrus fruit aromas and green fruit notes.
Dry and yet surprisingly soft in the mouth, this shows of modest and modestly ripe fruit that hints at apple flavors. There's a lack of pretty much everything here—ripeness, depth of flavor, and fruit—showing dry, earthy and lightly minerally notes on the modest finish. 70pts