Orange Wines

Orange wines - Rosé in Reverse!


Orange wines - just what the heck are they? Well, they are the twisted sisters of Rosé. Generally a Rosé is a red wine where contact with the skins has been limited to prevent pigment and tannin extraction yielding light, rosy wines. With orange wines, white, or commonly "grey" grape varieties - think Pinot Grigio pictured here - are subjected to extensive skin contact yielding wines that are lightly tannic and orange toned. It's Rosé in reverse!

What to expect:

The unexpected! Orange wines tend to be, well, a little orangey, and frequently have a hint of bittereness due to their tannins. Most of the wines combine typical fruity notes with hints of nuts, roasted tones and savory nuances. The tannins allow these wines to develop in the bottle and many find a wonderful textural balance after a few years ageing.
Monastero Suoro Cistercensi 2007 Conobium Rusticum
Fascinating complexity with a wild array of savory aromas that range from herbs and chalk to chestnuts and prosciutto yet in the mouth candied orange rind notes contrast with a wonderful vibrant vein of minerality.

Damijan Kaplja White 2004
Deep aromatics greet the nose with a wonderful sweet/sour tension that recalls tamarind paste which segues to a rich mouthful of fruit full of tar, anise and earthy nuances. This should benefit from a year or two in the cellar.

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