I often get asked what the best wines are. In all honesty, that is a question without an answer. I can tell you which I think are the best wines of any given category, but even there you have producers who shine some years and stumble the next, and others who sporadically make exceptional wines.

How can you build an answer? You have to take two criteria into account: quality and consistency, with maybe a bonus point or two thrown in for style. Then you build a list based on probability. So, that’s what I’ve done.

While I’ll have tasted about 100 rosés by the end of this week, the results of this year’s tastings only yield a best rosés of the year list. I can’t and am not able to taste every rosé each year, but over the years I’ve found that certain producers do tend to shine with some regularity.

I’ve built three lists based on these producers, one each for France and Italy, with a third hosting a mixed basket of regions. I’m not saying that you are guaranteed to love each and every one of these wines, that would be foolish, but I am saying that these are producers that you should look out for and try.

The best way to know what the world’s best producers of any wine are is to try them for yourself and record your impressions. We certainly afford you the opportunity to do that here on Snooth, but if you just want to keep track of the wines you’ve liked, you can do that as well. Just build your own lists! It’s easy and fun to keep track of your favorites.

I would love to see what your favorite rosés are so that next year when this question arises again, I can publish my own lists as well as the list of yours. A Snooth super users list of rosés! Let’s get started!

Photo courtesy of WineCoMN via Flickr/cc

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