Thy Survey Done, Thy Sauvignon Blanc Has Won


A recent survey by a large United Kingdom wine merchant shows data indicating the U.K.'s favorite wine is sauvignon blanc.
“We were supposed to have fallen out of love with it, but sauvignon blanc is back in fashion,” reporter Saffron Alexander said in an article in The Telegraph this past week. “The gooseberry flavoured grape comes out on top, with sauvignon blanc named as the most beloved wine in every British town, city and country.”
The country-wide acceptance of the white wine was pervasive in all but one place in the kingdom: Berkshire, “whose residents apparently prefer the nation's second choice: chardonnay,” Alexander wrote.
Telegraph wine expert Victoria Moore wrote an article 18 months ago for the paper in which she noted British drinkers might be moving away from sauvignon blanc toward lighter, breezier wines.
Her urging, though, failed to sway the old standby.
“We drink 600 million pounds worth of it a year. People love it for its freshness and brightness – the grass and citrus, that lovely, cold gulp, like sticking your head out of a car window on a hot day,” Moore said in Alexander's article.
Telegraph food and family reporter Sally Peck offered on Twitter her tongue-in-cheek response to the poll results.
“A fine grape. But I reckon it wins because most people think they can pronounce it,” she tweeted. “I love grüner vetliner.”
Another Twitter user posted a cartoon in response to the poll results, along with the tweet, “gets my vote every time.”
The cartoon features a husband and wife having a conversation.
“I thought you were having a dry January,” the wife exclaims.
“This is dry … it's a sauvignon blanc,” the husband responds.
According to Alexander's article, the poll also included statistics about which varietals sold best in which cities.
“Most Grenache bottles are sold in Glasgow, residents of Croydon have a penchant for pinot blanc and the City of London keeps the Champagne flutes full,” she wrote.
Residents of Liverpool, she said, is home to the most prosecco drinkers, while residents of Ramsgate frequent the rosé bottle more than any other city in the U.K.
Wolverhampton is home to the highest percentage of shiraz drinkers, while Stevenage pays homage to its cross-channel counterpart by having the highest percentage of gewürztraminer fans.

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