Wedding Wines, Part 1

A simple guide to making one part of your big day forgettable


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Will You be Having an Open Bar?

This is an important point in determining how much wine you will need for your wedding. If you have an open bar, the amount of wine consumed after dinner will most likely be much smaller than if you are only serving beer, wine and champagne.

I previously mentioned that you could figure that on average your guests will consume about a glass of wine per person for each hour your reception lasts. If you have an open bar, that figure may drop by more than 50%. Conversely, if you have only beer, wine and champagne, and an enthusiastic crowd, that number can easily increase by 25% to 50%.

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    Great information. I'm planning to pass this on to my clients, as I sometimes cater small weddings as a Personal Chef. Chef Mary Hathaway.

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