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Field Blends

We are in the midst of a bit of a renaissance of the old vineyards of California. As well slowly become less of a Cabernet and Pinot centric marketplace people are waking up to the joys of other grapes but also to the historic importance and gustatory potential of the traditional field blended vineyards in California in particular, but to a small yet growing extent also around the globe. These vineyards tend to be fairly old with the concept of the field blend being pretty much totally discredited in favor of mono-varietal plantings certainly in the post WWII era. Oh, progress, once again you fail us.

The beauty of many field blends is not only the unique composition of the vineyards, with their ancient clonal stock, but also in the way that blend has grown accustomed to its terroir, that blend of soil and climate that can help form a vineyard's unique labor profile. That uniqueness, and the sense of authenticity that field blends seem to impart to wines, along with the historic appeal of drinking wines from vines that can reach back over 100 years has come together in a wave of enthusiasm for these wines. there are really just a few of these vineyards left and as more people find themselves interested in truly unique wines I expect we'll be seeing increased demand placed on this limited supply.

Since there is no single term to identify these wines seating for them can be a challenge.

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