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We’ve just started our second wine writing contest here at Snooth, the first one was about wine travel itineraries and the winner, Shannon Jones, won a contract to report on the North American Wine Bloggers Conference for Snooth valued at $500.

This time around, we’re doing things a little differently. The entry format is the same, write an article to enter; but the contest will run a little differently. Let me begin by describing how one enters.

This go around, we’re are focusing on people’s epiphany wines. That one wine that made you go "wow" and set you on the road to ruin as you repeatedly try to recreate those emotions you felt that first time. You can never repeat your first time, but we like to try. I’ve written up my story as an example. I got a bit carried away (yours does not need to be this long, but I leave that entirely up to you). And don’t worry, I’m not eligible to win this contest. Find out all the details inside.

Photo courtesy theonewhoistall via Flickr/CC
Once you’ve submitted your entry and fulfilled all the criteria associated with it, we will publish your entry on Snooth. Then it’s up to you. The winner this time will be determined by how many social mentions he or she gets to their entry. That’s right, how well you do is based upon how many Facebook likes, Tweets and Google+s are recorded on your entry page.

That means that the quicker you get your submission in, the longer your entry will be visible, increasing your chances of snagging more of those decisive votes. But what it really means is that you’ll need to activate your network, and get your friends and fans to come and give you a big fat thumbs up!

And what will that win you?

$250 for First Place
$150 for Second Place
$100 for Third Place

And all three winners will see their entries included in one of Snooth’s newsletters.

You can click here to see my sample entry, and no I can’t win this, I’m just in it for fun. In order to enter you must submit the following:

An entry about your epiphany wine that includes:

  • Wine name and vintage
  • Price you paid and when you bought it (if you remember)
  • Where and when you enjoyed the wine, and the story behind your epiphany with a minimum of 250 words
  • A short bio or tagline that includes a link back to your blog or site
  • An image for us to use is optional. We’ll use a wine bottle or label image as a default
  • You must also have a real name account on Snooth that has your photo and a short bio

Submit your entries via email to Gregory.

  • Entries will be accepted through Wednesday, August 31st.
  • Voting will continue through Friday, September 9th.
  • Winners will be announced Friday, September 16th.

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  • I went to the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in 2004 and was served their Riesling "Eroica" at a tasting. I took one sip, ordered 5 bottles, and I've been an oenophile ever since, constantly on the lookout for new epiphanies.

    Aug 15, 2011 at 1:59 PM

  • i have been in the wine celler too long, take me out and uncork me, please!

    Aug 17, 2011 at 10:54 PM

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