Luiz Alberto

Brazilian by birth, Italian blood, American heart. I’m someone who really loves wine. More than the simple desire to imbibe the drink, I have this need to appreciate and learn everything that relates to wine. #winelover

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Mark Angelillo

I'm a fan of Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. Wine regions: Rhone, Northern Italy and California. I'm a web geek too, so would be happy to chat about wine or the web. Cheers!

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Lana Bortolot

Lana Bortolot

Experienced wine journalist with credentials in national publications. Currently WSET Diploma candidate.

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Christy Canterbury MW

Christy Canterbury MW

Master of Wine. Wine judge+public speaker. Journalist for Media+SOMM Journal+Civiltà del Bere+others. Short-listed for the 2014 Roederer Online Communicator of the Year Award. Incorrigible traveler!

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Kevin Chandler

Kevin Chandler

North Carolina native still searching for the perfect barbecue and wine pairing.

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Julia Crowley

Julia Crowley

Award-winning Wine Writer. Publisher/Creative Content Producer of Snooth Contributor & Pro Wine Judge. Charmed by the Willamette Valley's earthy, elegant Pinot Noirs with a true zeal for Oregon Chardonnay, Riesling & Sparkling Wine.

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J.R. Duren

My wife and I live in Barcelona, Spain. Enjoying the life here and enjoying the wines!

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Annie Edgerton

Wine Appraiser & Consultant, Wine Writer & Educator. I'm a professional "Wineaux" who loves to share her love of wine with others! Champagne = fastest way to my heart.

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Snooth Editorial

Snooth Editorial

Snooth is a community site and everyone's voice matters. Our panel meets to taste wines and compare notes regularly. The notes and articles posted under the Snooth Editorial name are our representation of the wines and experiences we have. Enjoy!

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Bob Fyke

Brunello, and other Tuscan reds, are home base for me. I enjoy wines from many other regions as well, and love to organize,and participate in, wine themed dinners in NYC. Twitter @brunellobob Visit my blog at

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Erica Landin

Erica Landin

While working as a Biotech equities analyst, a divine Burgundy stopped me in my tracks and made me re-evaluate life. Today, I'm a full time wine writer. Passionate about small, quality producers, minimal intervention winemaking & sustainability in wine.

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Naomi Laurie

Naomi Laurie

I'm a graduate of Brock's CCOVI program (Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture). I have completed level 2 of WSET. I am currently working at Terroni in Toronto, which has an exclusively Italian wine list. I am hoping to do more writing in the future.

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Rona Lewis

Rona Lewis

I'm a fitness and lifestyle coach and author of the funny, healthy "Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?" cookbook series. I believe one can eat healthy and enjoy a fabulous glass of wine with meals.

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Nova McCune Cadamatre

Nova McCune Cadamatre MW

I am a wife, mother, and winemaker living in the Finger Lakes currently but have made wine from Napa, CA to Ningxia, China. I hold a WSET Diploma and am working on my Master of Wine certification. Blog at and Twitter @NovaCadamatre

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Julien Miquel

Julien Miquel

Bordeaux-trained flying winemaker in a previous life, I made wine around the world. Founder of, voted 2015 Best New Wine Blog. Social Media influencer obsessed with reviewing wine, beer and spirits, sharing and blogging.

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Dezel Quillen

Engineer by day based in NOVA who writes, blogs and tweets about the appreciation and enjoyment of fine wine. @myvinespot

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Joseph Rosendo

Joseph Rosendo

Emmy-award winning director Joseph Rosendo has been a travel, food and wine journalist and travel broadcaster for more than 30 years. Since 2007, he has hosted, directed and written Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope®, the award-winning travel television series

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Markus Stolz

Markus Stolz

Greek wine Insider, blogger, linking top Greek wine producers, wine merchants abroad, and wine consumers

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Fred Swan

Fred Swan

I'm an SF Bay Area-based wine writer, educator, judge and certified sommelier. My primary focus is the wines of Northern California, but I've walked vineyards around the world and have broad tastes.

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Jon Thorsen

Thumbing my nose at bottles over $20! Wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good! Explore the world of inexpensive but great wine with me. Also

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Cathrine Todd

WSET Diploma graduate and shortlisted for the Roederer 2015 Emerging Wine Writer of the Year and a Wine Blog Awards' finalist for Best New Wine Blog. Visit her at and on Twitter @damewine

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Todd Trzaskos

Todd Trzaskos

Vermont Wine Media: Exploring, Promoting, and Supporting Wine Culture in The Green Mountain State.

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