My name is Michael Cooper and I live in Spain and dedicate all of my spare time and money to discovering great Spanish wines. My goal is to find those hidden gems that cost less than ten euros. I am an American and I try to help the reader find the wines I describe when I can, but since I live in Europe, many times the online wine stores I list don't ship to the US. But don't let that get you down, nowadays most of the wineries have US distribution and if they don't, hey well maybe there's a business opportunity there for you.

 If you love Spanish wine too or you're curious about what great wines Spain has to offer, check out: 

I organize all of the posts by grape, by region and by price. I try to keep my posts short but sweet. 

As far as my personal taste or preference for wine goes, I enjoy those dark purple wines that really say something in their aroma and their texture. I hate wines that smell too fruity like fruit punch and smell like some floral, no the wines I like are those dark beasts that remind you of some lush forest where only minerals and berries grow and stories of yesterday are told. 

I hope you enjoy it.

PS I plan to write entries here in Wine Press from time to time.