We have found that the confusion (or "mystery", if you will) surrounding wine begins when we're asked to sift through the various grape varietals available in this country. Our blog focuses on helping wine lovers unravel this mystery, because we feel that knowledge results in confidence and that makes your wine experience that more enjoyable. We recently posted on the "Noble Grapes" - we have selected 6 although there is a lot of discussion about what gets included. We argue that recognizing these 6 grapes is all you need in order to select wine confidently. Sure, for those of us risk takers, we crave finding the "weird"/"interesting" varietals. But for the majority of the world, I think a lifetime of wine enjoyment can be had if focusing on these six grapes. 


You'll notice that Pinto Grigio/Gris is not on the list: through our research, and in order to keep the list short, we left it off. However, we recognize its importance (and the fact that it's very recognizable around the world). We don't claim to be wine experts: we are learning as we go and sharing our passion and our knowledge with our readers. Our aim is to help people gain confidence - we of all people know what it feels like to sit with a lengthy wine menu, feeling confused and uneducated. As we grow in our own education, we realize that it's not that difficult. Anybody can learn the basics and translate that into a lifetime of enjoyment. 

We would love your comments: how do you talk to your friends/co-workers/family who "like wine" but the learning curve seems too steep?  What are the "basics" you think every wine drinker should know? And, does any of this matter?