So Ive been blogging a little less than usual, but covering wine trips as diverse as the Cape, Portugal and Italy will do that to you.

This month saw the  47th edition of Vinitaly certainly the largest winefair in Europe, if not the world. Italy makes an enormous quantity of wine in every price point and they were all there from the bottom of Sicily to the border of Switzerland where I live on lake Como, along with winemakers, marketing teams,  wine agents, brokers, wine ambassadors, olive oil producers, glass bottle manufacturers, and tens of  thousands of  visitors daily from all over the world.


Around the actual main fair are tastings, meetings and dinners of every type, some top-draw some simple, but all facinating. The  Franciacorta pavilion where I spent quite a bit of time between tastings and interviews was packed to the gills all day. It was the pavillion that seemed the most popular, out of the ones I had meetings and tastings in namely Piemonte, Tuscany, Maremma, Sicily, Campagnia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Lazio, Trento, among others,  I wondered why, and spoke with various producers and presidents until I came to the local truth. Its where people start with an aperitivo right at the gate, in its swanky Franciacorta surroundings and then finish off at the end  with a closing drink before leaving from the gate,  makes perfect sense.

Although I must say Franciacorta is growing in popularity as I hear from the leaders in the region, I also visited my old friends who make wine from Bolgheri on the Tuscan Coast to Serralunga d Alba in Piemonte and whose wineries have been featured in this blog.  See my most recent  blogpost  winery visit.


I participated and filmed a fabulous vertical  tasting with the ever lovely Bianchi family of Villa Franciacorta fame, and other friends and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at their newly revamped villa and  winery. The sumptuous meal attented by press and Franciacorta clients from throughout Italy was a real treat and I shall be writing up my tasting notes when I post the videos with the menu.

The charming couple, our hosts Roberta and her husband Paolo, treated us to a winetour, and  later an evening to remember in true Franciacorta style.

I shall be covering the area extensively, but since I am also  followed by those who are not wine nerds, I will keep this post photographic and stats based.

Here is the link to my full photostream of Vinitaly in verona 2012. If you wish to use the images please leave me a note and I will approve use under certain  creative commons conditions



So Vinitaly Facts  2012

exhibitors... 94,966 sq.m. of area

4,164 exhibitors, 94 international

156,033 visitors, 50,066 international

2,625 journalists, 328 international


wines on show... thousands 

bottles poured during the show, 10's of thousands 

Accomodations occupied in and around Verona in a 100km radius  during the week of vinitaly- every single room, no room at the inn...  and many people travel in for the day from across Veneto, and also Milan, Modena,