I had the fortune to cover the recent Zinfandel Advocates & Producers event in NYC a couple of weeks ago. This group is working hard to bring awareness to "America's Heritage Grape" after decades of its being lumped into "the pink stuff your mama drinks." Enjoy my piece!


We were both very surprised to receive an email invite to a tradeshow on the Zinfandel grape. It was the first time someone had said, “come here, drink, do a story!” The event was being hosted by ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) and was an early preview for a day’s worth of activities around this grape. Tina couldn’t help but think that some mistake had been made: why would they be invited to a trade show with other media folk? Oh, right, the blog and other published pieces.

Tina quickly RSVP’d for the event. The ticket was for “media” only, which only added to her excitement. This was an opportunity to network. A few years ago, before we began blogging, we never would have tried zinfandel. The idea alone is strange. Yet, after a trip to California and a few other tastings, we learned the joys of the grape and are now solid fans. So, this was an event that could not be missed. The biggest dilemma: Would they provide a spit cup?

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